NEWS: Kadri Voorand Quartet “Armupurjus” is nominated in three (Best Jazz Album, Best Album, Best Female Artist) categories at the Estonian Music Awards. And fourth nomination with the Tõnu Kõrvits album “Mirror”, where Voorand performs the song “Tasase maa laul” for the Best Classical Album.

Thank You, dear fans, friends and co-musicians! No-one does anything alone!

NEW LIVE VIDEO by Kadri Voorand Quartet: Watch the video


  • "Kadri Voorand is a first class joyfully rousing entertainer with a great voice, great timing with a group of first class musicians closely tied together and flexibly underpinning her spontaneous asides and excursions. Voorand is a hi-fly as well as earthy type of artist who is able to sing on top level in different contexts (witness her contribution to the recent recording of Estonian composer Tõnu Kõrvits’ album Mirror (ECM New Series). In her performance, “directed” from the piano chair, élan, tempo, spirit and soul went hand in hand. She sang in her native language and when she shifted to wordless singing it by far transcended old school scatting. With her performance she proved to be a unique thoroughbred entertainer on a high musical level who hits people’s body and soul. In that capacity she clearly deserves still more international exposure.”
    London Jazz News 2016