Kadri Voorand is a young jazz singer and composer, who’s original music and expression has brought her a number of prizes and performances in Estonia as well as abroad. 2015 she was given the Award of the Best Jazz Musician of the Year by Danske Bank at this years Jazzkaar festival. This year she also won the Best Jazz Album of the Year in Estonia. 2014 she was given a prominent Estonian Music Council Award. She has also been awarded with The Young Jazz Talent Award of the Year 2008. Year 2012 she was the soloist with the EBU European Jazz Orchestra touring Europe. During last couple of years she appeared with her original music in many festivals and clubs for example in Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Norway and more. She has recorded several albums both with some of the best jazz musicians in Estonia and abroad, for example Anthony Branker’s modern jazz album “Dance Music” in USA. Besides collaboration with many other musicians, she also leads her own quintet feat. Jussi Kannaste and a cappella vocal sextet Estonian Voices. Taavo Remmel and Kadri are both teaching members of the Jazz faculty in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Kadri being the youngest member of the faculty.


Young estonian jazz vocalist and composer Kadri Voorand uses her improvisational skills and original expression to create a wide range of contemporary jazz, meantime maintaining her roots using folk elements with her small group, the trio composing for estonian poetry, or combining contemporary harmonies with the rhythmics of latin and R&B music when composing for her large band.

She sang, danced and played violin since early childhood in her mother’s folk ensemble, where her task was from the beginning to improvise, to fill the melodies or keep the rhythm. Since age 5 she started to study classical piano and played it for more than ten years. Her first original songs were composed at age 6 on the piano. As a teenager, she put together an a cappella vocal group Sheikid, arranging for it and singing as well. Those arrangements were her first bigger step towards jazz, using the harmonies of the style, winning several prizes for this music and with the group.

Since starting to study jazz in an academic level right after high school, her talent was soon noticed meaning many different interesting projects with some the top jazz musicians in Estonian as well as abroad. In past few years, four CD-s of her own projects have been released by Sheikid Records, a capella album Estonian Voices “Ole hea”, her Trios’ album “Kosmogooniline etüüd”, her debut CD “Tunde kaja” (Echo of a Feeling) and her first a cappella album “Sheikid”, as a lyricist and vocalist she also sings on Tanel Ruben CD “Kogutud rikkus” (Collected Riches) and “Nõiutud Veerandtunnid” (Enchanted Hours), Anthony Banker “Dance Music”, Kaspar Kalluste “Koristaja” and as a guest artist also appearing on CD-s like Urmas Lattikas “Ööliblika tants”, Toomas Rull “Eesti Hääled 2”, Element “Alumiinium LP” and Def Räädu’s “Ahvid ja klahvid”.Having studied jazz at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, she continues as the youngest teacher in the faculty of the jazz department of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.